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Sportdisc Resources from Discraft

More Stuff

How-to tutorials, feature stories, spec sheets, screensavers and more! We have tons of cool stuff coming down the pike at the new Discraft.com, so come back to this page and watch the list grow!

Golf Disc Selection Help For New Players

If you're new to the game, visit this page for help in choosing the disc that is right for you.

Feature Articles

· Tournament Yeps and Nopes
Scott Papa helps you to keep your tournament play in perspective.

· Mastering The Wind
Oklahoma's Ron Convers Jr. will teach you how.

Photo Galleries

Browse through tons of Ultimate and Disc Golf photos from some of the world's premiere disc sports events.

Link To Discraft

Find a variety of images and icons to choose from.

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ChainStar Assembly and Installation Instructions

The Discraft ChainStar is the best catching disc golf target on the market today. If you need to know how to install yours, the instuctions are in PDF format.

ChainStar Assembly
(1.5 Mb)

Discraft Downloads

Disc Golf Flight Charts

As seen in retail stores. The FLIGHT GUIDE (lower) gives players a visual reference for how each disc flies relative to others. The GOLF DISCS AT A GLANCE chart (top) shows what discs are available in each plastic blend, along with stability ratings and other info.

  • Disc Golf Flight Guide:
    low rez PNGhigh rez PDF
  • Golf Discs At A Glance:
    low rez JPGhigh rez PDF

  • Discraft Logos

    Use these on websites, event notices and other places where Discraft logos need to go. Click here for a complete listing.

    Golf Disc Photos
    High resolution JPGs of all Discraft golf discs. Click here for a complete listing.

    UltraStar and other Sportdisc Photos
    Click here for a complete listing.

    Golf Disc Profiles

    Silhouette profiles of all our current golf disc models. Suitable for printing at 300 dpi.

  • Golf Disc Profiles - Photoshop PSD (165 Kb)

  • Chainstar Basket Photos
    Download Chainstar basket images in a variety of formats and sizes. Click here for a complete listing.

    Complete Discraft Retailer Product Info

    All the Discraft data you need to set up shop or improve existing sales. UPC and SKU codes, official names, MSRPs, bullet points, full descriptions and more.

  • Discraft Product Data - MS Excel (1.5 Mb)

  • Retail Display Rack Labels

    Simply print, cut and insert into your existing Discraft retail display rack. Updated Feb 2012.

  • Retail Rack Labels - PDF (24 Mb)

  • Wallpaper

    Currently featured: Undertaker.

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