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USA Ultimate
Custom Stamped UltraStars

Discraft is the exclusive source for custom printed UltraStar 175 gram discs for ultimate. We do not and will never use stickers; your discs are custom printed at the factory.

We offer two different ways to customize your UltraStar: hot stamping or our exclusive Supercolor process.

Please note that our normal turn around time with custom discs can vary by season, consult your Discraft sales specialist. Your order will be scheduled once we have received your final approved artwork, payment and a completed order form. Our price guide is located here. If you have any questions after browsing these pages, please send an email. Be sure to join USA Ultimate and get a 20 percent discount off your custom hot stamp UltraStar order!

Hot Stamping
Custom hot stamp printing uses a heated pressure system to implant colored foils onto the disc. This process is falling out of favor due to Supercolor's wider design flexibility. Hot stamping requires the most stringent design standards.

Learn more: custom hot stamped discs.

Put lush, full color designs on your UltraStars with our exclusive Supercolor process. Your design can cover the entire top of the disc, or just in the center to leave the flight rings "pure." Center print version is now USAU Championship approved.

Learn more: custom Supercolor discs.

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